Asset Insurance and Protection Solutions in Delta

The Importance of Insuring Your Mortgage

Purchasing a home is one the biggest investments you might make in your life. Finding a mortgage insurance that is adapted to your situation therefore becomes crucial. There are many advantages to insuring your mortgage loan with us which your loaning institution might not offer. They include:

  • Post mortgage renewal, you get to keep your insurance even if you switch lenders
  • You own the contract and get to choose your beneficiaries
  • Your premium is set based on your personal profile and it will not increase, even if your health condition worsens

Did You Know?

  • Mortgage insurance from an insurance company is less expensive than that from a bank
  • In the event of disability or death, the insurance covers your mortgage payments or any other loans

Credit Disability Insurance

In the unfortunate event of disability due to an illness or an accident, Credit Disability Insurance can cover your monthly loan payments, thereby offering protection from all your loans.

Mortgage Insurance

Since mortgage insurance is provided to protect your most prized asset, we provide you effective insurance solutions for the same. Besides providing you lender names, we can also help you track the monthly premiums. It is to be noted that since mortgage insurance through a lender is not convertible to a permanent insurance policy, we will help you understand all the policies under this system and choose the lender best suited for your needs.

Effective Insurance Solutions

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