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Get in touch with Financial Integrity Blueprint for financial insurance solutions in Delta, BC. From business solutions to retirement plans and financial planning, we can provide you solutions for all of them. You can rely on our insurance experts to help you get the insurance policies that complete all your requirements. Our fields of insurance solutions include personal and family, professionals, business owners, financial planning and retirement, and general insurance. Give us a call now to get more information about our services.


About Us

Our founder, Angel Pelayo, is also one of our financial advisors. She takes a very personal and friendly approach with people when talking about our services. Although we do not sell insurance products, she educates people on concepts such as why they might need insurance. She talks about the “what”, “how” and “why” of insurance. Her aim is to make people understand the process of insurance so that they can take ownership of the product that they have purchased.

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Our Mission Statement

At Financial Integrity Blueprint, our aim is to help all our clients get the best possible insurance coverage policies. We make sure that our clients get these policies from the right insurance service providers to cover all their financial needs. Our team of experts are also ready to provide professional financial and business solutions.

Risks Encountered in Insurance Policy

There are many kinds of risks that are faced by insurance providers while offering insurance policy coverages, namely mortality risk, morbidity risk, longevity risk and disability risk. Before we provide you insurance solutions and find the right service provider for you, we also make sure that all the above factors are taken into account. We always refer our clients only to insurance providers who are capable of overcoming these problems and offering coverages to fulfill all your financial needs.

Services We Provide

Along with providing our clients with financial planning and business solutions, we also provide solutions for the following:

Life Insurance

Our insurance solutions will help you get the right Life Insurance package from some of the top companies in the market. These packages will provide you financial security, thereby safeguarding the lives of your loved ones in the future.

Critical Illness Insurance

The insurance experts at our office will help you get the best possible critical illness insurance to cover all your needs. You can choose coverage based on your financial condition and current lifestyle. You can also extend the coverage to last for your lifetime.

Long-term Disability Insurance

Need long-term disability insurance solutions for your employees? We can help you with it. With our important feedback and insurance solutions, you can choose a package that will help you provide a steady stream of income to your employees during an extended illness, or after an accident.

Credit Disability Insurance

Get a reliable credit disability insurance package with our valuable insurance solutions. Credit disability will help you make loan payments if you were to become disabled by a sickness or illness. It will reduce your family burden and provide peace of mind.

Retirement Planning

We provide customized retirement planning solutions for families, middle income retirees and pre-retirees. With proper retirement planning, you can remain financially independent during the retirement years. It is also essential for a happy and fulfilling retired life.

Estate Planning

Let us help you in identifying and creating a package that will secure your estate. Our advisors will assist you in preserving the wealth and assets of your loved ones. A main objective of a well-planned will or trust is to protect your family’s financial future.

Small Business and Self-Employed Insurance

If you are self-employed or own a small business, it is important that you get a good insurance package to secure your financial future. In the absence of such insurance, you may face large financial risks. Other than protecting you from such risks, these coverages also protect you from the loss of a key member or staff.

Registered Products (RRSP, RESP, TFSA, RRIF)

Turn to us for insurance solutions related to registered products such as RRSP, RESP, TFSA and RRIF. We can help you get the right coverages to secure your financial future. If you need additional information about any of these registered products, our advisors can help you with that too.

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